Shadow Applications


Shadow applications can vary from maintaining the water level in a boiler to maintaining the water level in a deaeriator or open to atmosphere tanks. The electric feed water system is today’s economic and energy savings control system for the 21st Century boiler operations. The shadow feed water system maintains a stable water level.


“Just the right amount of water at the right amount of time!”


Coil Tube Steam Generator – The Shadow maintains a constant water level.This avoids low or high water level conditions and high coil temperature shut downs. The byproduct is a much smoother burner operation.

Fire Tube Boiler – The Shadow provides a stable water line independent of load swings and causes the burner to follow the steam demand. Field test results showed a 2 ½ percent fuel savings for a Shadow System versus an on/off pump control system for the same equipment on the same loads.

Water Tubes – A universal digital controller (UDC) is added to the Shadow System. The UDC will take a 4-20 ma input from the capacitance signal generator, output will control the actuator/valve assembly. This system allows the operator to either manually or automatically operate the water level system. The water level set point can also be changed as required.

Deaerators – The Shadow can control either the condensate level or the makeup water system. Two Shadows can do both at once.

Condensate Transfer Systems – Feeding to a deaerator or vented receiver tank can be controlled by a Shadow.

Unpressurized Boiler Receiver Tanks – Pump constantly runs, saving on electricity costs, wear and tear.